What should I expect upon visiting someone at HMP Barlinnie?

Support for Visitors in the Atrium (Foyer): Croft staff are available in the prison foyer and in the Waiting Area before most visits. If you want to arrange a support chat before or after your visit – this will be in the glass Pod on the left as you come in. The Pod also has books, magazines and colouring in – if it isn’t being used for an appointment, feel free to browse.

Where to sign in: go to the Visitors’ Booking Desk on the right in the entrance area, you will be asked who you are visiting, their Prisoner Number and to show your ID. You will be given a table number for the visit.

Lockers: You need to put any bags and coats or jackets with hoods in a locker before you go in to the Waiting Area, the lockers take a refundable pound coin. The ONLY things you can bring in are £10 in coins and some medications and/or some baby things – check this with prison staff.

Support for Visitors in the Waiting Area: Croft staff are usually in the Waiting Area before the visit – they all wear a purple and green badge and will often be at the back at the leaflet stand or speaking with another visitor. You can approach Croft staff to ask any questions you have about visiting and any additional support that you need both at the prison and in the community – we work with lots of different organisations who can help with money advice; telling children about prison; health; mental health and many others.

Toilets: the ONLY available toilets are in the Waiting Area, including an accessible toilet and baby changing area. If you need to leave your visit to use the toilet, you will not be let back in to the visit.

Going up to the Visit: after the CUT-OFF TIME a prison officer will come in to the Waiting Area and call visitors through by table number. If the visit is very busy, visitors may be called up in batches with doors closed behind each set of people – this is to ensure security.

Security / searches: You will then go through to the Visits Room via Security. There will be a Rub Down Search and may be a Drugs Search potentially with drugs dog.

In the Visits Room

Seating in the Visit: at each table there is one seat for the prisoner and 3 seats for visitors – the prisoner must stay in their seat for the visit

Tea Bar & Vending Machines: since late 2017, there has been a Tea Bar available for some visits. At other times, visitors can use the vending machines for themselves and the prisoner but cannot share food with the prisoner. Prisoners cannot go to the Tea Bar or operate the vending machines.