What do I need to know about Home Detention Curfew (HDC)/Ankle Tags?

Families Outside have a document that’ll guide you through Home Detention Curfew (HDC) and Ankle Tags.

What is Home Detention Curfew?  How does it work?  Who is eligible?  Does the prisoner have to apply for HDC? What is a suitable home address?  If they meet all of the criteria, will a prisoner automatically get HDC?  What happens if the SPS decision is not favourable?  If HDC is approved, how soon will a short term prisoner be released?  If HDC is approved, how soon will a long term prisoner be released?  If released, what does the person have to do?  What happens if the person has commitments during curfew times?  Will allowances be made for special circumstances?  As a member of the household where the person resides, who do I contact if there is a problem?  What assistance (including financial) is there for supporting household / family members during HDC release?  What happens if the prisoner is imprisoned in Scotland and the home address is in England?  What happens when the person reaches their liberation date?