How do I find out what prison my family/friend has been sent to?

There are two ways to find out which prison someone is in:

  1. Write a letter. Address it to the person in a sealed envelope, including your address and contact number if you want them to be able to contact you. Place this envelope in another envelope with a letter for SPS (Scottish Prison Service) letting them know that you are trying to locate which prison the person is in – include their full name and date of birth if you can. Send the letter to: Scottish Prison Service HQ, Communications Branch, Room G20, Calton House, 5 Redheughs Rigg, Edinburgh WH1 9HW. SPS HQ will then look up their systems and if they find the person will send them your letter.
  2. Email SPS HG General Enquiries – include the same information as listed above

If you think the person could be in a prison in England or Wales – the Prisoner Location Service in England and Wales can take up to 6 weeks and can be quicker if you involve the person’s solicitor . You can also contact the Offenders’ Families Helpline 0808 808 2003.

If you think the person could be in a prison in Northern Ireland, contact NIACRO on 028 9032 0157