How do I book a visit to see someone in HMP Barlinnie?

This works differently for different types of visits.

There is a monthly timetable of visits, with 4 Remand and 3 Convicted visits each weekday and 2 of each at the weekends – you always have to book a visit in advance.

Agents’ Visits (e.g. lawyers, social workers, other court appointed work) are drop-in Monday – Friday 8.30am – 3pm. Other Agents such as Housing Officers and charity workers need to make an appointment to visit, charities need to have a signed off Partnership Pack with the prison. The Booking Number (Agents only) is 0141 770 2094.

Remand: can have a visit every week day and at the weekend with up to 3 adults and any number of children. The visitor books the visit via the Remand Booking Line 0141 770 2109 – you need to give 24 hours notice to book a visit and can book for visits a week in advance. The booking line is open Weekdays (9am – 1pm AND 2pm – 4pm) AND Saturdays (9am – 1pm).

Convicted: have 4 visits per month with up to 3 adults and any number of children. The person in prison books the visit and a Visit Order is sent to you in the post.

Private Visits: if there is a birth or death, a private visit can sometimes be arranged. Contact the Family Contact Team on 0141 770 2037

More information is available on the Scottish Prison Services website

Additional Child Focused Visits

Aswell as attending regular Convicted or Remand visits, since 2015, HMP Barlinnie is able to offer additional child focused visits. These are all booked by the person in prison via the Family Contact Team.

Child Visit & Early Years Visits: these are extra visits that don’t count towards the weekly / monthly entitlement. The person in prison is able to interact more with the child or young person. Only one adult can come on this visit with the child / children.

Child Visits: 5.15 – 6pm (Cut-off time is 5pm) on weekdays for children aged up to 18 years old.

Early Years Visits: 2 hour visits on weekday mornings and afternoons for pre-school children.