Can I claim travel expenses for my visit to the prison?

Yes, if you claim certain benefits and are a close relative or the only person who visits someone, you can claim for two visits per month.

Close relative:

  • Husband, wife or civil partner
  • Partner (living as a couple before the person went in to prison)
  • Parent or grand-parent (includes step-parent)
  • Son or daughter
  • Brother or sister (includes half-sibling or step-siblings)
  • Next of kin
  • Sole visitor (only visitor in the 4 weeks before a visit is claimed)

Eligible benefits:

  • Income Support
  • Income-based Job Seekers Allowance
  • Employment Support Allowance (income related)
  • Universal Credit*
  • Working Tax Credits (with Disability or Child Tax)**
  • Child Tax Credits**
  • Pension Credit
  • Have an HC2 or HC3 Certificate

*Income limit £1,250 per month    

**Income limit £17,474 per year

Get a Confirmation of Visit slip stamped on your way out of the prison. Apply online at  

You’ll need to upload photos of the claim form and travel receipts

If you  have problems with internet access, you can contact Family Services who manage the system and ask them for assistance 03000 632 100 – this can be expensive from mobiles or email

Alternatively, speak with The Croft at the prison or contact us by email at