The Croft supports families and other individuals adversely impacted by a family member going to Prison.  They often serve a sentence of their own and there is clear evidence that a family members’ involvement in the justice system can have wide ranging impacts upon family members and the family unit – some of which can be traumatic, acute and long-lasting.


Having a parent or carer in prison is a recognised Adverse Childhood Experience that can lead to poorer outcomes in terms of health, wellbeing, education etc. over a lifetime.


Families of individuals involved in the justice system can experience a variety of impacts upon their lives and family functioning.  Changes to financial support and income may result in families being at risk of losing housing.  Some families may also experience isolation, exclusion and stigma by association, all of which present challenges to engaging with services and maintaining normative family functioning –  much of which will have been intensified by the current health crisis and lockdown conditions.


At the Croft, operating from a base at HMP Barlinnie, we support people in these situations with practical and emotional support as well as signposting to other services that can assist them.

If you need to talk to someone about being affected by having a loved one in HMP Barilinnie then get in touch here.