Review of 2018

We had another busy year in 2018 at the Croft. We provided in-depth support on 14,000 issues, supporting almost 7,000 adults and 2,000 children. We also gave informal support to an additional 3,000 adults.

“That’s what this place needs a face that helps to keep you calm, a face that is not judging you.  Thank you.  The croft are doing a great job.  Friendly and not judgemental.

Of this support most (4582 supports) were around the experience of visiting prison and what to expect, followed by emotional support (2151) and support to contact the person in prison (2121).

“I know I can talk to you about anything.  My family don’t even really know what has happened.  I feel much better now thanks to you.”

We also gave a lot of information and referrals to Families Outside (1896) and Citizens Advice Bureau (1892) followed by support in accessing travel expenses (864). Thanks to everyone who helped us out during the year, especially our staff and volunteers.